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    • The German sports car pilot Stefan Mücke scored first WEC win in Shanghai in the GTE Pro Class

      Foto: © Alexander Trienitz

    The German sports car pilot Stefan Mücke scored first WEC win in Shanghai in the GTE Pro Class

    The Berlin: „A perfect season ending“

    -- Stefan Mücke Press-Release 22-2012 from 28th of October --

    Motor sports /Sports cars/Long track
    The German sports car pilot Stefan Mücke scored first WEC win in Shanghai in the GTE Pro Class – The Berlin: „A perfect season ending“

    Berlin/Shanghai (rol/ot) In the end, the German sports car pilot Stefan Mücke took his chance to celebrate the first position on the podium of the GTE Pro Class at the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). The Aston Martin works driver from Berlin, together with his British team colleague Darren Turner in the Vantage GTE, won the eighth and last season event of the WEC on Sunday (28th of October) in Shanghai (China). The 30 year old was on the podium for the seventh time this season after the six hour race of Shanghai. Before that he finished in his class two times on second and four times on third position.

    „That has been a perfect season ending“, the Berlin was glad. He started in his class from pole position, which his team colleague Darren Turner scored in the qualifying on Saturday (27th of October). „Right after the start I lost the lead to a Porsche, but I could get it back at the half of the first stint“, Stefan Mücke explained, who had the fastest lap time of the GTE Pro Class as well. „After that we have had a great race without any problems and really fast pit stops, so we could celebrate our first win in the end.“ And in addition to that, the Berlin was overall second of his class in the team rankings together with Aston Martin Racing.

    „Altogether, the season of the new FIA World Endurance Championship went well for me. Except for the breakdown of the car at Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), we always finished on the podium in our class. I am very satisfied“, Stefan Mücke said. „The Ferrari was the most powerful car in our class, but our Aston Martin Vantage satisfied with the new program. The speed and reliability are good, which gives us confidence for next season.“ Until the beginning of December, yet a few events are scheduled for the Berlin and his team Aston Martin Racing. After that there will be the winter break.

    (Attached to this mail a photo of Stefan Mücke: © Alexander Trienitz)

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