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    Bill Ringle Interviews MSNBC Host JJ Ramberg on My Quest for Best

    Bill Ringle, America’s Business Growth Strategist, talked with JJ Ramberg, author and host of MSBNC’s “Your Business”, on My Quest for the Best about small business transformation.

    Philadelphia, PA - Business growth strategist Bill Ringle interviewed JJ Ramberg, author and host of MSBNC’s “Your Business”, on My Quest for the Best about transforming and marketing small businesses. In this interview series, Ringle speaks with successful industry experts and outstanding business leaders about their strategies for reaching and influencing significant target audiences, innovative business leadership, breakthrough moments in their career, and the important business and life lessons they've gained along the way.

    JJ Ramberg is the host of MSNBC's “Your Business”, the only television show dedicated to issues affecting small business owners. Now in its sixth season, the program has profiled thousands of small business owners and offered advice from countless experts and investors. She is also the co-author of It's Your Business: 183 Essential Tips that Will Transform Your Small Business.

    In 2005, Ramberg co-founded , a company which turns your everyday activities into ways to give back to your favorite cause. GoodSearch has raised about $10 million for its participating charities and schools. Ramberg has also worked as a producer, reporter and host for CNN and CNNfn, a producer on Dateline NBC, and the director of business development at, and is a regular contributor to the TODAY Show on small business and financial issues.

    In Ramberg’s conversation with Bill Ringle on My Quest for the Best, she shared many of the tactics she uses to thrive as both a journalist and an entrepreneur. Ramberg and Ringle discussed the importance of having clear criteria for building your team, keys to building good business relationships, book marketing secrets to help you share your message widely, and the best question to ask a new hire to show them that you care about high standards. Ramberg also offered important advice on how to prepare a response to the question, “How can I help?” so that the result is win-win.

    “Having a dual perspective gives JJ a unique advantage. She explores the landscape of what’s working with small businesses as a journalist and then hones in on the specific strategies and tactics from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur who really needs to know how to put the insights to work to improve a business in a practical way,” says Ringle. “ JJ shares some of her best advice for entrepreneurs and business owners during this interview.”

    Bill Ringle, America’s Business Growth Strategist, is founder of the Rapid Rise Business Growth System™, the proven step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to connect and do business with your ideal customers in record time. He works with high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to overcome the five big challenges to business growth so that they can run profitable and rewarding business rather than become stuck and overwhelmed in unfulfilling and draining roles. He has worked on four continents, is the author of four business books, and inspires and educates thousands of business leaders each year through his speaking, coaching, interactive programs, and products.

    To listen to Bill Ringle's interview with JJ Ramberg, visit To learn more about JJ Ramberg, visit her website,

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